Mask Confrontations

Face Mask Rules Lead To Violent Confrontations | TODAY

As more businesses begin to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, customers are being asked to wear face masks before entering stores and follow social distancing rules to slow the spread of the virus. This is causing some tensions to boil over, leading to violent altercations across the country. NBC’s Kathy Park reports for Weekend TODAY.

Mask Confrontations

A Karen Mask Tirade at Trader Joe’s

The incident, filmed by bystanders on June 26 at a Trader Joe’s in North Hollywood, California, shows a woman yelling at employees and throwing her shopping basket after being asked to put a mask on while inside the store.

“I have a breathing problem! My doctor would not let me wear masks!” the woman in the video said. “Anyone harassing me to wear a mask, you guys are violating federal laws! Get that on camera!”