ROADMAP FOR REOPENING SCHOOLS JUNE 2020 – Arizona Dept. of Education

This document presents several strategies and considerations intended to provide public and
private schools, local educational agencies (LEAs), guidance in preparing for and conducting a
successful re-entry into School Year 2020-2021. Because experts are continuing to learn more
about COVID-19 and the conditions surrounding the crisis are continually evolving, this
guidance will likely change, be amended, or augmented. LEAs should coordinate with local
authorities, such as state and local health departments, health centers, consulting physicians,
and health-care providers, and apply this guidance in accordance with the guidance they
receive from these stakeholders. LEAs should always adhere to the most recent
recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Local contingency plans are only effective through a collaborative effort by all community
stakeholders, as school communities move forward together to embrace the new normal of
conducting school operations during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. These guidelines are
not designed to be prescriptive but seek to provide LEAs with parameters and options as they
develop their own contingency plans using local health trends and statewide data.
Procedures outlined within this document are based on recommendations from federal and
state resources, collaborative partners, and institutional best practices, and are not, unless
otherwise indicated, required by statute or regulation. Some LEAs will not be able to address or
implement all the strategies included. Each LEA should use this document as a guide and
consult with district or school counsel and all relevant stakeholders to determine which
procedures the LEA is able to address and the best way to proceed.
We recognize the need for uniform parameters and considerations that are specific enough to
be actionable, but broad enough to be adaptable. This guide will be revised and updated
regularly as more data and resources become available.

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