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Rush Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation Re-Entry Guidelines

Covid-19 has disrupted most aspects of our lives, especially providing immersive learning experiences. Simulation-based education relies on interaction with medical tools and communication with patients and clinicians. This experience is especially significant when we provide training on skills where tactile sensation and human factors related to grip, positioning, and muscle memory are needed for effective skill transfer. Distance learning and online video courses are not adequate surrogated for many of these activities.
Our goal is to keep on-site projects to a minimum for safety and to reflect Rush University and Rush University Medical Center policies and procedures related to Covid-19. The unique safety concerns for the simulation center team and our stakeholders are addressed here. These guidelines will be updated as new information becomes available, and emphasize employee and stakeholder safety. Environmental modifications, employee guidelines to support safety, and communication strategies to ensure awareness and compliance are included with these guidelines, which will require a collaborative approach from all stakeholders.

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